The wooden brick allows the simplified construction of the passive and ecological house.

After 10 years of research and developement, 10 patents and tests carried out for the CRITT (Regional Centers for Innovation and Technology Transfer), wood certified by the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center in the Construction Sector) the Brikawood wooden brick has attained technological maturity.

A no nail, no screw, no glue system, like an intuitive and logical game.

The brick consists of four wooden elements, two lateral flanges and two transversal spacers, worked in “dovetail joints” which are assembled amongst themselves by interlocking, thus giving a mechanical rigidity to the whole.

The Brikawood brick is made to be used alone, without cladding, nor anti rain or anti vapour membranes, only an anti return valve specific to Brikawood, thus simplifying to a maximum the undertaking of any type of construction, all the while ensuring performance and watertightness.

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Trained fitters, working with minimum equipment.

The bricks (models 160 and 250) are assembled with little equipment by fitters trained and certified Brikawood. The system does not entail the use of lifting machines or pollutants  and requires a minimum amount of space. Totally recyclable, the brick is 100% natural from the beginning to the end of its utilisation cycle.

Due to its technical characteristics, the Brikawood wooden brick possesses unrivalled thermal, mechanical, accoustic and antisismic properties.

About the foundations, the wood and the insulation.

“« We do not use wood in the traditional manner. We use it by looking for industrialisable elements which shape the wood not as the carpenters did in the old days, but thanks to the tools of today. »

Brikawood is innovating today by launching the 160 brick.

Backed by the experience acquired while using the wooden brick construction system which allows the building of a passive house in record time, Brikawood is innovating today by launching the brick 160 : Identical procedure to that of it’s big sister, it allows the construction of low consumption housing units without a construction permit or emergency housing with the same ecological efficiency.

With a width of 160 mm, cheaper and easier to use, the mini brick is ideal for DIY projects.

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Our know-how

Enriched by everyone’s different experiences, our team carries out the assembly of the wooden brick house right to the interior’s final touches. A single team leader garantees the best follow-up possible of your project from beginning to end.