The Studio Kit

10 reasons to order the Studio Kit.

  • A 20m2 room, an authentic space to live in.

  • Customised according to your tastes and wishes.

  • Made of Douglas, an eco-certified class 3 wood.

  • Thermal performance to RT 2012 standards.

  • On a slab the wood is placed on beams or studs.

  • Stands the test of time, built to last.

  • Low consumer of energy and recyclable.

  • Constructions perfectly air and water-proof.

  • No construction permit, no drawn-out procedures.

  • The result is 100% ecological and natural.

An assembly method assembled by approved fitters.

In France, it is possible to build up to 20m2 without a construction permit. A simple declaration prior to the works is sufficient.

Without undertaking large works, design and create a studio yourself on your property ! There’s nothing as simple, Brikawood allows you to purchase your inhabitable Studio kit of 20 m2, made of wooden bricks which are assembled without nails, screws nor glue, thus offering unrivalled qualities as opposed to other constructions.

Have the Studio Kit assembled at home.

Order your Studio Kit with the fixtures and fittings option as of today.

The Studio  Kit is available on order with the fixtures and fittings option à la carte depending on  the chosen configuration at a reasonable price. Basic configuration for the 160 Brick series : rain-tight (first fix), wind-tight (second fix).

You may also assemble your home yourself or with friends.

Accompanied by an extremely detailed plan which guides the buyer on every step of the construction, the 160 brick will allow you to assemble and install in the simplest manner possible, the studio or room which could even be adjacent to your home.

The simplicity and swiftness of the concept’s implementation does not require sophisticated tooling and is aimed at all handymen even those who are not familiar with the principles of construction.

Ready to assemble your Studio Kit ? Contact us.

The Studio Kit brikawood maison passive 12

Opting for local distribution networks, the source of the raw material, associated with an automated fabrication unit has permitted the realisation of a house 20 % cheaper than other passive houses.”

The Studio Kit brikawood maison passive 11

An economical and ecological solution

We offer you a product which, inclusive of insulation, allows you to benefit from a home conforming to the RT 2012 standard. Due to its natural durability,the Douglas is ideal. No added toxic product, nor VOC or other formaldehyde.

The 160 Brick series is a true economical and ecological solution. Designed specifically to meet the requirements of a real home, the brick offers every comfort. The price of the Tiny House  kit includes the wooden slab, the  underfloor, the roof, the walls, the insulation, the woodwork and the assembly plans. On option (electrical system, plumbing, interior fittings). All you need do is assemble it according to the guidee.

Order your studio in kit.

A team of enthusiasts

Brikawood, a trio of enthusiasts, varied profiles and experiences, engineering, law, entrepreneurial, marketing, communication, image, united by the same passion, the same ambition : Imagine, design and create a habitat which is ecological, thought out, safe and accessible to all.