The Wall Kit

Make the most of a sound environment thanks to the Wall Kit.

Wood contributes to the creation of an environment which offers a feeling of tranquility, relaxation, conviviality, warmth and well-being.  Send us the plans of your future home and let us see your life project through together.

The Brikawood Method

The construction method is a logical system of load-bearing walls, based on the assembly of wooden bricks piled in staggered rows by stacking, without fixing. The bricks are held fast together by the spacers which provide the wall with a mechanical coherence and a dimensional stability. The self-locking system provides the structural rigidity through the mass effect.

This method eliminates all rising humidity through the absence of “upright beams” in contact with the soil. It is adaptable to the construction of individual homes, industrial premises, community housing, extensions, height increase and separation walls.

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Houses in compliance with the DTU (Unified Technical Documents) standards.

The whole assembly process was  designed to be in compliance with the DTU (Unified Technical Documents) standards applicable in the wooden construction sector. It was approved by the timber CRITT (Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer). The Brikawood Wall Kit allows for the design of all kinds of homes with any kind of roofing possible and imaginable.

Wood and insulation

The Douglas which we use is a remarkably fast growing tree, reaching an average height of between 40 to 60 m and a diameter of several metres. It comes from sustainable forests and is eco-certified PFE. It is a rot-proof variety (classified usage 3), certified FSC®.

The Brikawood brick was designed to include insulation in its inner core. Upon client request, we use wood shavings, puffed wool or cellulose wadding. The wood shavings for insulation come from the manufacture of the bricks. This allows Brikawood to produce almost zero waste.

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The Foundations

Technopiles or concret foundations depending on local requests.

The screw pile of the brand « Techno Pieux » acts like a big screw which is installed in the ground by a specialised machine, until it reaches a type of soil where it can obtain the required supporting capacity according to your structure in order to guarantee the best insulation possible and the elimination of thermal bridges.

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A simple assembly

Accompanied by an extremely detailed plan which guides the buyer on every step of the construction, the 160 brick will allow you to assemble and install in the simplest manner possible, the studio or room which could even be adjacent to your home.